The Logos-Rhema Foundation is a multifaceted, Christocentric, nonsectarian, interdenominational Christian ministry. The Foundation has various arms.The Foundation, which is Christ-based, has a focus to promote leadership resource development underpinned by Christian principles.It aims to train, raise, encourage and develop quality leaders at all levels of public life. We envision the strengthening of relationships and stewardship, harnessing of God's wisdom, understanding and knowledge to develop the human material and natural resources of the various nations of Africa.

Rev Abu Bako has ministered throughout many nations of the world, in many Churches, Christian groups, Seminars, etc.It would be difficult to give a comprehensive list of all the countries he has visited, as well as all the various ministries and meetings he has ministered in. However, a few will be mentioned to provide a perspective of the nature and scope of his ministry.He was converted from Islam to Christianity some 33 years ago and has served as a University lecturer and researcher in
Socio-economic issues.


In correlation, we would identify issues and proffer viable solutions from the Christian perspective with a view to enhancing life in overall terms. In this context, the correlation, we would identify issues and proper viable solutions to the problems the world faces today.

He was converted from Islam to Christianity some 33 years ago and has served as a University lecturer and researcher in
Socio-economic issues. He is a professional economist who now ministers the gospel of Jesus Christ in obedience to the call of God upon his life.

Bringing hope to the world through the word of God and the understanding of the vision and of the Logos Rhema Foundation under the leadership of Rev.Abu Bako


The true worship of a man is deeply inprinted in the heart and is the essence of his sacrifec to God... no one can help God in fulfilling his promises and thus makes Him the only true God of the universe,,,

A related feature of the focus of the Foundation is the provision of educational support and improvement, health delivery and outreach and also social enhancement efforts allied with Christian Ministry and Worship.The ministry is committed to serve as a leadership resource base for the body of Christ, nationally and internationally. Our commitment is to equip the people of God with prophetic insight for the deliverance of the nations thereby establishing God's kingdom throughoutthe world. Testimonies on record have proved these phenomena.The ministry is under the able leadership of God's chosen servant Rev Abu Bako who has the calling of both a prophet and an apostle. As the Founding President and International Director of the Foundation, he has a mandate from God to "lay new foundations for many generations" across all spectra of society.


Come and join several children of the Lord to praise and worship the lord for 24 hours Non-Stop. Choir and individuals with ready heats of worship will be there to bring you to the presence of the King of Kings

The Childrens department has seen a lot of the power of God under the direction of trained sunday school teachers who impact the lives of our children with the word of God.... The children also have the opportunity of watching spirit filled movies by spirit filled men of God. We have various programs designed to have the chiildren busy with the work of the Lord...



What is the heart?

Heart has come to stand for man's entire mental and moral activity both the rational and the emotional elements. In other words, the heart is used figuratively for the hidden springs of the personal life. Bible describes human depravity as in the "heart" because sin is a principle which has its seat in the centre of man's inward life, and then "defiles" the whole circuit of his action. Matt 15:19,20 scripture regards the heart as the sphere of divine influence. Romans 2:15 Act 15:9. The is a remedy for the lost. Hold on tight to the Lord thy God. When God raised you up and brought you out of a situation you knew you werent going to come out of.. Thank the Lord. Amen. To God be the Glory great things he has done

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